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FLONO Additive were established in 2021 by two individual owners, Gábor VARGA and Zsombor KASZÁS whom devoted to develop additive manufacturing and related services in Hungary and to serve worldwide customers. Ildikó CSÓKA and Attila CZIBULA gave us the helping hand keeping the business going in relation to the office, engineering, quality assurance and also the wide range of operative tasks. That's it, we are a Startup company.


We concentrate on complete engineering solutions and R&D for the wide variety of businesses we do like to serve. Among others we strongly focus on chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment development and engineered solutions for special projects. At the same time we are open to new challenges.


We design parts, print metals, combine different areas and would like to deliver what is nonexistent at this moment. We concentrate on future solutions and innovation.


Technology and materials

Materials we can work with: 

  • 306 (1.4361)

  • 316L (1.4404)

  • 904L (1.4539)

  • 316Ti (1.4571)

  • C22 (2.4602)

  • C276 (2.4819)

  • Alloy 725

  • Alloy 625 (2.4856)

  • Hastelloy Hybrid BC1

  • Hastelloy B2, B3,

  • Tantalum (w2,5) or pure

  • Niobium

  • Titanium

  • 602A (2.4633)    


We are creatives. Think out of the box. Our utmost vision to keep our future based on continuous innovation, develop good products and related services. 3d printing is green, during manufacturing we keep the wastes much lower than conventional manufacturing and recycle all raw materials.

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